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Denny started producing music at the age of 15. At this time he got to know his best friend.
He is 10 years older than Denny and produced EBM and Darkwave. At that time he dragged him to
Dennys first techno festival. The first techno live performance he had ever seen, was by Vitalic,
who to this day influenced his music the most. That night changed Dennys life, because when he
saw that, he thought, "I also want to do this".

Denny made his first steps with a very simple DAW on an old PC.
The Techno Denny produced back then was just as he imagined it to himself... as even the most touched himself.
The productions were always professional and he learned to take advantage of the tools.
Some years later Denny could afford his first synth,
he studied in order to achieve the maximum sound down to the last corner.
This is a passion that he could never put up today. Whenever he get a new synth, he spends the whole night with it.
Today Denny tries to arrange without samples as much as possible.
Even Drum and Percussion are at least created by a VST synth.
The music is influenced by Vitalic, Chris Liebing, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin, David Bowie, etc.

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